Current Project

Cagles Mill Lake Trail Number 2

The Hoosier Hikers Council began construction on a second trail at Cagles Mill Lake in December of 2019. This trail features striking rock formations and a variety of towering trees.

We’ll update the map below to show our progress. Check back each month for updates!




Here are some photos from the new trail:



Here’s a Google map showing the location of the property:

Directions to Cagles Mill Lake Dam:
IMPORTANT NOTE: Approach the dam from the south; the approach from the north is on private, gated property.
Start from the intersection of US 231 and SR 42, on the south side of Cloverdale. Take SR 42 west past the town of Cunot, where SR 42 intersects SR 243. Continue on SR 42 and cross a bridge over the lake, going on a long uphill. After the hill and several curves, including a really tight S curve, continue a short distance and turn right on Fertig Road. There will be a sign for the dam that directs you to turn right at Fertig Road. You will pass a big cemetery, the road will curve to the left, and it will T-intersect with CR 830 W. Turn right (north) on CR 830 W. After a crossroad, you will start going downhill and you can recognize you’re on government property because the pavement is good, unlike the gravel road you were on. Continue on this road all the way to the dam. Cross over the dam (go slow here and see the lake on the right, the lake discharge on the left). After you pass the control tower, continue up a small hill to the USACE Office on the right. From Cloverdale, it will take about 30 minutes to reach the dam.