Current Project


 Green’s Bluff Long Trail

We are currently working on a new, five mile trail at The Nature Conservancy’s Green’s Bluff Nature Preserve. The trail will be on the south section of the preserve, and it will feature prairie and woodland habitats with pollinator plantings, creek crossings, seasonal waterfalls, and striking rock formations. Green’s Bluff is located in Owen County, south of McCormick’s Creek State Park.

We have begun construction, but we haven’t finished scouting and laying out the entire trail yet. Below is a map of the status so far and some photos taken along the new route. Click on the map and photos for larger views. Check back here for updates and more photos!

Progress as of 9/16/2023

Progress as of 9/16/2023

Waterfall on new Green's Bluff Trail

Waterfall on new Green’s Bluff Trail

May workday lunch at Green's Bluff

May workday lunch at Green’s Bluff


November 2022 Work Day

November 2022 Work Day


Rock formations at Green's Bluff

Rock formations at Green’s Bluff

Green's Bluff frozen waterfall

Frozen waterfall on new Green’s Bluff trail

Scouting at Green's Bluff

TNC’s Peter Bauson scouting the new trail at Green’s Bluff

Tennessee warbler at Green's Bluff

A Tennessee Warbler snacks on aphids at Green’s Bluff