HHC Fun Facts

Below is a broad variety of interesting facts and figures related to HHC.  If you have other ideas or questions related to HHC  and our work which you feel would be a good fit here, let us know!

Did You Know?…

  • The highest point on the Tecumseh Trail is 953 feet, on Shipman’s Ridge, at a point just east of crossing the border from Morgan Monroe State Forest into Yellowwood State Forest.  Here is an exaggerated elevation profile of the Tecumseh Trail:  Tecumseh_Trail_Elevation_Profile


  • The HHC sells over 400 Tecumseh Trail maps per year, averaging over 1 sold each and every day.  To our knowledge, it is the only Tecumseh Trail map in print which provides detailed contour, parking, and camping information.


  • During our monthly “3rd Saturday work days”, HHC builds at a rate of approximately 3 miles of new trail per year in terrain typical of Brown and Monroe counties.  This rate is much faster in more level terrain like that around Indianapolis.  But the majority of HHC volunteer hours actually occurs outside of the 3rd Saturdays, where new trails are built, and existing ones are maintained or repaired.


  • HHC Boot Logo IconThe same individual who designed and implemented the template for the HHC website is also the creator of the HHC tree boot logo.  These were created many years apart by Justin Dantzer, and are both highly valued by HHC.


  • The HHC website enjoys a very high internet search engine preference, averaging over 3,400 hits every day, with a total of 1.2 million hits each year.  The most commonly accessed page is Morgan Monroe State Forest Trails.   The document downloaded the most from the website is the Tecumseh Trail Guide.

Tecumseh Trail Marathon Aid Station

  • The average age of HHC walk/run race participants is about 40.