Cedar Crest Trail


If you are in the Bloomington area and are looking for a short, scenic hike, check out the trail at the Sycamore Land Trust headquarters office, also known as Cedar Crest. The HHC built this 1/2 mile loop trail in 2016. It meanders along a natural ravine, eventually dropping to a small creek at the bottom. It follows along that stream, then loops back up to the start at the office. True to its name, one interesting highlight of this hike is an area with a lot of hemlock and cedar.

Cedar Crest Sign

Feel free to stop by the Sycamore Land Trust headquarters office to meet their friendly staff and volunteers, or walk around their grounds to see the dogwood and other trees. The area, parking lot, trail, and headquarters are all open to the public.

Here are the GPS coordinates of the Cedar Crest Trail, in standard gpx format: Right-click here and select “Save As”.

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Here is the location of the parking lot. It is about a 1/2 mile south of SR 46 on SR 446, on Heritage Woods Road: