Bicentennial Hikers Challenge

To celebrate Indiana’s 200th year as a state, the Hoosier Hikers Council challenged people to hike 200 miles on natural surface hiking trails throughout Indiana.  The time period for the challenge was from January 1, 2016 through December 31, 2017.  In addition to completing 200 total miles, hikers were asked see more of Indiana by hiking at least 10 of the trails on the Bicentennial Trail List. Trails not on the list could also be used toward the goal. Hikers who met this goal received a free Indiana bicentennial patch (at left) and an electronic certificate of completion.


The Bicentennial Hikers Challenge is now closed. Thanks to all who participated!


The Bicentennial Trail List is available here:

A list of all Bicentennial Hikers Challenge finishers is available here:



This project was officially endorsed by the Indiana Bicentennial Commission.